Dental Implants

Missing teeth?

dental implant
  1. Natural tooth
  2. Dental implant
  3. Tooth crown

This is the perfect solution.

With dental implants, you can smile with confidence, chew properly and retain your healthy teeth.

A dental implant is a small component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull.

Once healed, the implant can be used for multiple purposes: replace one or more teeth without affecting neighbouring teeth, support bridges and prevent the need for a partial denture, or support a denture to make it more comfortable and secure.

How it works

Dental implants are created using hospital-grade titanium, and function just like a natural tooth root. They will support traditional porcelain dental crowns just as your other teeth would, and can be used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or even all of your teeth at once! Titanium will bond directly to your bone through a process known as osseointegration, holding the implant securely in place.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits extend beyond improving the way your smile looks: dental implants can prevent shifting, gum disease, and premature wear of teeth. Implants also allow each tooth to stand alone, which has the major advantage of avoiding invasive bridgework and alteration to bordering healthy teeth. This preserves your tooth enamel and provides patients with independent teeth that are easy to look after.

Am I suitable for this treatment?

Ideally, patients should have good general and oral health.

Adequate jaw bone density is required in order to support the implant, and healthy gum tissues that are free of periodontal disease will prevent most complications.


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